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New Rules for the New Biology

Ten years ago I wrote a small book outlining an economy based on ideas and communication rather than energy and atoms. You can buy the paperback version of the New Rules of the New Economy or read the entire book online here for free (of course!).

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But if we really are headed into the century of neo-biology, as I believe we are, then what are the New Rules of the New Biology?

Here is a first pass, in no particular order:

1) All rules in biology have exceptions.

2) Anything that can be done with organisms (including our own), will be done.

3) Every biological action invokes a biological reaction.

4) All inovations follow a one-way migration from enhancements to normalcy.

5) One person’s biological ideal is another’s horror.

6) Understanding is not necessary for use.

7) The tolerence for uncertainty goes up as death becomes certain.

8) The difference between 99% reliable and 100% reliable is God (or a million years of evolution).

9) Health care is finite resources applied to an infinite appetite.


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