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In a recent Boing Boing interview special effects guru John Gaeta dropped a fantastic new word: Poptomistic.

Picture 47

Poptimistic is not his coinage; it seems to be circulating in the design and style world, but I think it perfectly captures the upbeat, day-glo brightness of a technicolor future. It manages to contain many of the optimistic strands of the digiterati, and the pop masses.  It says: technology that works!

The new pace-setting film Speed Racer (which Gaeta worked on) is poptomistic.


It is the opposite of the distopian Blade Runner, even though both are visually outrageous and seminal. The overlook sci-fi cult favorite Fifth Element was slightly poptimistic.

Fifth Element 2

The book of Japanese street fashions called Fruits is poptimistic.


So were many of the early issues of Wired magazine.


And as far as I am concerned the entire instant city of Burning Man is poptimistic.

Magic Bus

Poptimistic is super-saturated richness, hyper-realism, brightly lit in even the furthest corners, up tempo, and generally positive.

What else is poptimistic?


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