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Recent Readings, 2

With 5-year plans for hacking and cyber-spying, the Chinese are taking the long view, says FBI chief. Link.

How movie directors are using virtual production methods, like in the new Lion King reboot. The make a VR world first, then film a crude version inside it to watch the movie before they really film it. Link.

The ultimate marble-machine music box. Just because. Video Link.

“By bringing chip-design in-house, Tesla has leapfrogged the automotive industry by four years,” says ARK Invest. Link.

Some comic artists want to ban the raw punk comics of R. Crumb, once banned by cops and old folks. Link.

Delta-V is the latest novel by Daniel Suarez. It’s a science fiction thriller revolving around asteroid mining. Suarez does a magician’s job of describing the science. And I was thrilled by the story. Link.

Yes, you can easily fool an perceptual AI with unexpected visuals, which acts like a sort of camouflage. But adversarial camouflage for AI watchers will work only once. In theory, AI eyes could share what they learn quickly among each instance with eyes and so the deceit will only be temporary. Link.



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