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Recent Readings, 6

Sunsets on Mars are blue. Link.

I too laugh. ” ‘Once we build a generally intelligent system, basically we will ask [OpenAI] to figure out a way to make an investment return for you.’” When the crowd erupted with laughter Sam Altman himself offered that it sounds like an episode of “Silicon Valley.” Link.

I’ve long written about extensions to classical evolution theory, or revolutions in evolution. The biggest challenge is to describe how natural variations are created to be selected. There is a new good name for this view, called the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (EES), and a well-written introductory article about it.

“The killer app for having the internet in your pocket was, well, having the internet in your pocket.”

I stopped eating mammals 15 years ago. I find the Impossible burger’s vegetarian meat to be delicious, and with that old burger taste that I do miss. I did not know it was also GMO food, which I think is great. A good article on the company behind the clean meat. Link.

Human composting. I’m all for it once I’m dead. Now legal in Washington state. Link.

“Why do so many Egyptian statues have broken noses?” Long answer in this article. Link

Academic paper on the difficult proposition of introducing AI into the “kill chain,” meaning giving machines the ability to decide to kill, or in other words, weaponizing AI. No answers, just a framework to discuss it. Link.


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