The Technium

The Paperback Option

Some of you have been waiting for the paperback edition of What Technology Wants. You can now pre-order it on Amazon here. The delivery date is September 27th. I think Penguin did a fabulous job in designing a striking cover for this edition. This version is not much heavier or larger than a Kindle, it needs no batteries, it is much easier to navigate, and it displays the illustrations in a much superior way than an ebook. Of course, it will be readable in 30 years from now as well. And all for only $11!

Wtw ppb

I’m still musing on how to launch the paperback. I’ve been thinking about doing an hour-long online “appearance”/talk/dialog for any organization purchasing a minimum number of copies. Let me know if you have any interest in that. In the meantime I’ve done a few interviews recently with not-your-usual hosts.

The Slashdot hive mind interviewed me. They threw some odd questions, and I made up some odd answers.

Patt Morrison at the LA Times did a short Q&A about What Technology Wants on the op-ed page. She takes a big view.

I did a podcast with the World Transformed on Blogtalk Radio. I’m in the second half, talking about the long-term implications of the Technium. Good questions all around.

For those who care, I did an extended interview with Christianity Today. Talking about the spiritual dimension of technology; they labeled me the Geek Theologian.

Besides the paperback of What Technology Wants there is an Audio Version, and of course an iBook, Kindle domestic and international, and Nook.


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