The Technium

The Web is Large

A perfectly silly mashup of pundits like me pontificating about the web. This mix was brilliantly sampled from outtakes from a massive BBC series about the Internet, not yet broadcast. Only the dailies have been posted so far. In the mashup I observe that “the web is large. It is so much bigger than a balloon” which I have to say is very profound. Enjoy!

  • R. Mullen

    The web has one woman,–but it’s his sister and she makes his head hurt! AND, she’s able to be incorporated by reference! :o))

    So *happy* to have found this blog!

  • Louis Rosas-Guyon

    Completely hysterical! Very clever. Some of my customers will be very pleased to learn that the Internet is bigger than a balloon and is also a gay man. Thanks for sharing.

  • vanderleun

    Whoa! What a great collection. Not a marine in the pack even if Mitch could use a high and tight.

  • peterme

    Though funny, I fear how this reflects on all the talking heads, or is it that the Web has no women?