The Technium

The Worldbuilder Interface

This lovely short film presents an original scenario for a future interface to virtual world making. Like the famous Apple Navigator film from decades ago, or ATT’s You Will series of ads, or the Minority Report’s scene of transparent gesture interface, this fictional depiction is convincing and inspiring. I want one now. 

There are elements of the Google Sketchup interface taken to an extreme. I think it works. 

Also, the film has a lovely narrative arc, which aids in the fantasy. The film was made by Bruce Branit.

UPDATE: Stewart Brand brought to my attention a real-world case of world-building. Here is a back-story video showing off the making of a 1,200 building city (7 million polygons in MODO) for a Toyota/Lexus commercial created by the design firm Hook.


  • Erwin

    Most of the city has been generated using Procedural’s CityEngine. The city detail like trees etc have been imported and I expect that the less important buildings were generated by CityEngine using the Modo-generated basic elements as input.
    I love the CityEngine – Modo combination and really enjoyed the movie too, thanks.

  • Yeah Erwin you are very right. I agree with you. Well this is a great blog for builders. I am also builder it will help me a lot…

  • New concept for me but nice to be hear!¬†wonderful¬†post!