The Technium

What Technology Wants, first draft


A few weeks ago I submitted the first draft of my book to my publishers at Viking/Penguin. The working title is: What Technology Wants, and it is based on these blog postings in the Technium.  I am now engaged in writing the second draft which is due by year’s end. I want to thank the many, many folks here who commented on bits and pieces of book as I posted them. I read every comment and in some way or another each had an influence on the final text.  I am grateful for the close reading this audience has given my writing.

The expected publication date of What Technology Wants will be a little less than a year from now, in October 2010. (That’s New York publishing.) The cover shown here is NOT the cover, nor even a cover candidate. It’s a sketch I made myself to suggest my own vision for the book.


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