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What Technology Wants, first draft


A few weeks ago I submitted the first draft of my book to my publishers at Viking/Penguin. The working title is: What Technology Wants, and it is based on these blog postings in the Technium.  I am now engaged in writing the second draft which is due by year’s end. I want to thank the many, many folks here who commented on bits and pieces of book as I posted them. I read every comment and in some way or another each had an influence on the final text.  I am grateful for the close reading this audience has given my writing.

The expected publication date of What Technology Wants will be a little less than a year from now, in October 2010. (That’s New York publishing.) The cover shown here is NOT the cover, nor even a cover candidate. It’s a sketch I made myself to suggest my own vision for the book.

  • Robbo

    Well done, sir. Can’t wait to read the whole thing. Thanks for your efforts on all this.

  • marko

    congrats. will send a note to santa for next year. really looking forward to reading this!!!

  • Stephanie Gerson

    Congratulations, Kevin!!!!!! Like everyone else here, I absolutely cannot wait to read it. Next time I’m in the SF Bay and see you at SALT, I’ll congratulate you in person ;)

  • Venky

    I am Venky from India. I blog at I would love to promote the book in India in the blogosphere. Could I get an advanced bloggers copy??

  • Luke

    I am looking forward to the book and will observe my local bookshelves!

  • John Sumser

    Congrats. It’s been a long time coming. It’s been a privilege to watch it unfold

  • jason schultz

    Congrats Kevin, happy to hear this. The artwork above almost tells a story in and of itself. Looking forward to your book.

  • John Johnson

    Wonderful! I have enjoyed the mind-bending experience every other week or so. I look forward to holding the whole collection between two covers.

  • Michael Nielsen

    Thankyou for posting, Kevin – it’s been a great pleasure to read! I’m looking forward to the final book!

  • Toby Downton

    I would like to second all of the comments above, your writing is very thought-provoking and I count myself lucky to have found your blog, roll-on October 2010!

  • haig

    Congratulations! I’m sure the Technium, once sentient, will look back at your efforts and smile (or the equivalent of a smile for an inter-networked global organism)!

  • nildavargas

    Your article blew my mind. I want to read your book as soon as it’s published.

  • Tim Sauder

    I’m buying it as soon as I can get my hands on it. And am already recommending it to friends!