Street Use

Solar-Powered Trike

A guy named Chris sent this image and caption to Makezine. Looks like the solar panel flips back so you can drive it, though it must be sensitive to wind gusts.


“I just took this pic as I was walking down the street here in Palo Alto. This Maker has built an electric 3-wheel transport device, and he/she is charging it as it sits parked in the street! I don’t know who it is….”

Posted on November 29, 2006 at 6:25 pm | comments

  • AndrĂ©s Hax

    Look at this guy from Seatle who rigged up a bike/home.

  • Andy Miller

    You’ll see this vehicle pretty frequently in Mountain View on late weekday mornings, parked in front of BofA. The driver is quite the fan of Posh Bagel, I see him in there about once a week when I swing by to grab my morning coffee. -A