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Airconditioner Fan Hack

This is a lovely hack. A guy takes copper tubing wrapped in a spiral around both sides of an electric fan. The tubing is connected (via cable ties) to an aquarium pump which circulates ice water held in a plastic storage bin beneath the fan. The fan then dispenses the cold into the room. A full set of pictures can be seen on the guy’s Flickr set.


Posted on August 15, 2006 at 6:27 pm | comments

  • Caroline

    But it doesn’t remove the humidity from the air, which is half of what makes AC so effective at cooling you off.

  • I’d love to make one of those. I get the general idea, but I’d really appreciate it if the adapter or someone who really understands what he did would post clear directions on how to do it. A list of materials and tools, and a few tips for those of us who are mechanically challenged would be nice, too.

  • Scorpion Regent

    Without having seen the complete setup I am all ready dreaming of ways to make it more efficient. To remove the most heat from the room locate the fan as close as possible to the ceiling. Set the fan on the lowest speed, it doesn’t seem to make sense, but in fact for maximum heat transfer slow is good. It would be wise to insulate the return tube to the tank. It would help to insulate the holding tank with a jacket made of Styrofoam or roofing insulation enclosed in plastic. Alternatively an ice chest could be modified into a holding tank. With a dedicated set of coils of copper tubing inside the tank the system would be sealed and the cooling lines wouldn’t have to hold water they could hold antifreeze. Water could be periodically drained out of the tank and replaced with ice. The tepid water could poured it into a bread loaf pans and refrozen back into a blocks of ice.

  • Kevin Kelly

    Nancy, you can get instructions for the site indicated by the red font in the posting.