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Big Loud Bike Bell For Tricycle

Pedicabs drivers need a big bell — all the momentum they are riding on is hard to stop quickly. These guys in Suzhou had a cool set of bells using an old gear to hold more than one bell. The circle of bells were struck by an armature in the center, turned by the rotation of the front wheel. It made a great big ring! Very cool.


Posted on May 11, 2007 at 6:37 am | comments

  • These type of bells are often found on 3-wheeled-carts, in Chinese 三輪車, or 平板車.

    In Jiangsu province, where Suzhou is located, there are many bridges due to the landscape. That is why these bells are necessary to warn other bicyclists or pedestrians that a large cart is coming through, especially when brakes on the cart is not sufficient enough.