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Bikes of Burden

Designed to move people, bicycles and motorbikes are actually used to move almost anything that can be moved. In my travels in Asia I’ve seen bikes piled impossibly high with all manner of cargo, from livestock to cardboard. It’s really astounding what a bike can balance and transport. Dutch photographer Hans Kemp has focused his lens on the motorbike cargo culture of Vietnam. He’s gathered his collection of 148 examples of the unintended cargo of motorbikes into a very finely printed photobook, called naturally enough, Bikes of Burden. Here are a few examples from his book, which is also available on Amazon.

Bike Burden3
It’s a remarkable living zoo of chickens and ducks on the way to the market.

Bike Burden2
When the ducks are tiny they are taken to farms in smaller cages. Then farmers will raise the ducklets.

Bike Burden1
This guys sells music cassett tapes and offers a tiny hi-fi set to test them out and also serve as an advertisement. Of course the tapes are all pirated.

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