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Chrysler Motel

Friend and Street Use reader Todd Lapin sent this nice catch along. It’s an old Chrysler converted to residential mobile housing. He says it’s been an inhabitant of the SF waterfront near Islais Creek for years. If you are going to live in your car parked on a public street, why not alter it so it gives the maximum comfort and privacy? He writes in his Telstar Logistics blog:

“This 1960s-era Chrysler station wagon has been given a remarkable DIY residential conversion. It isn’t used for weekend trips; the owner lives in it full time. That explains why there are so few windows, and why there’s a big skylight on the roof — fewer street-level windows means far more shelter from prying eyes. We’ve seen this car a lot over the years, and we’ve noticed that it moves frequently, but never far, within the waterfront district.”


Posted on August 28, 2006 at 6:56 pm | comments


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