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Coffee Pot Mini Meth Lab

According this the local news station in Huntsville Alabama, the ubiquitous cheap Mr. Coffee pot in hotel rooms is often used as a just-in-time makeshift mini-laboratory to make the drug meth. It :

Ask just about anyone in law enforcement, and they’ll tell you to be careful if you ever brew coffee in a hotel room.
“I know enough now that whenever I go to a hotel, regardless of how nice it is, I’ll never use a coffee pot,” said Marshall County District Attorney Steve Marshall.


Instead of brewing coffee, coffee pots are sometimes used to brew methamphetamine. And since meth labs in hotels aren’t anything new, Rick Phillips of the Marshall County Drug Enforcement Unit says there’s definitely a risk. “The coffee makers that you find in every motel room is an ideal heat source. They mix it up in the coffee pot, put it on a heat source and let it sit there and cook,” said Phillips. It’s common knowledge to those who fight meth, but a shock to your average citizen. Phillips says it’s pretty easy to tell if a coffee pot has been used to cook meth. It will have a dark reddish-orange stain.

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  • molly

    What I’m amused by in this thread are the ads that showed up in the right column. Temperature centers, coffee machines, coffee machine cleaners … and global warming myths.

  • Randy

    I don’t claim to understand what meth does to people, but it must be pretty good if they will continue using it until they look like deranged mental patients.

    The idea of being dependent on a substance is loathsome beyond words. I’m not condemning these people because it’s probably something in their genetic make-up, it’s certainly not my favorite pass-time. And actually, I’d rather not come into contact with the products of these people’s cravings.
    Drugs, yeesh!

  • Jake

    As a general rule, I don’t think I would use a coffee pot with a dark reddish-orange stain.

  • sweetnsassy

    i do not know what the stench is that is coming from my neighbors backyard…there is a large cooker by his garage door..not 3 feet away from my garage ..and for the last 2 nights i have really gotten sick from the fumes and it is continual at night…there is a large extension cord running from it …i am just about ready to report them but i know how dangerous drug abusers are and may be putting myself at risk….

  • So would a cup of coffee from such a device be dangerous or just give an extra morning kick?

    Sorry, I don’t use drugs and am clueless about effects of meth.

  • Vannah

    I have to agree. Hotels but more than likely motels are where many meth users and “cookers” chose to make. My father works with a team that analyzes materials such as meth and other mysterious powders that are discovered.

    Personally, when I stay at a hotel/motel I try to wear shoes the whole time I am walking around the room. If something has been cooked in there, potentially, it could have been spilled on the floor. People have been known to get chemical burns from pervious labs that have been set up in these places. Not to knock anyones business, but be aware of the more “sketchy,” cheap motels that you can get, because these are the ones infamous for this sort of happenings.

    And for those who do not know very much on the drug, avoidence is key. This drug is extremely addictive and harmful physically, emotionally, and mentally. I know people say that about all drugs it seems. However, I know people personally who do this drug and people who do others, and they in no way compare. This one destroys your life quickly and hurts the ones who love you. Trust me. But with as much grace as I have been given, I want to give it out freely, even in hurt, bitterness, and pain. God help me. Thanks for listening.

  • billy

    i want to see numbers. that just doesn’t make sense. So some meth cooker brings supplies to a hotel…and makes meth there? Do you guys actually think meth users would pay for a hotel room?

  • Sauron

    >>Do you guys actually think
    >>meth users would
    >>pay for a hotel room?

    Actually, they do. A hotel room offers a simple, relatively cheap, relatively private, and sometime anonymous place to work. You’d make enough to easily recoup the cost of the room, and if there is ever an accidental fire… you can run away without worrying about blowing up your *own* place.

  • CD Mitchell

    Meth users are so paranoid they will go anywhere, do anything. The red may be from the red phosphorous from the matches, although I am notso sure. I never cooked off a batch. But I know plenty who have. They move around; alot.

  • T-Rick

    Billy: Absolutely. We had a meth-lab explode in a local motel two years ago. It’s more common than you might think especially in lower-cost, proprietor-owned outfits.

  • I doubt the stain comes from matches… unless they’re actually dumping a bunch of matches in it (I don’t know how the process works) there shouldn’t be enough phosphorous in there to stain it red.

  • Ry584

    Mmmm how delicious.. a little meth with your coffee. I will stay clear from the Mr. Coffee from now on! Maybe this is why I couldn’t sleep for 3 days straight that one night… hmmm

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  • Well Billy, there would be some advantage to doing it in a hotel room, I think. There’s a saying that I find apropos here: “Never poop where you eat”. In other words, doing it at a hotel where you can do your dirt and leave means you’re less likely to get busted by family members and neighbors who would be suspicious if they started seeing a bunch of meth addicts coming over to your house all of the time. A lot of people use hotel rooms as their place to shoot up/smoke/huff because it feels a lot more secure than doing it out on the streets or with strangers. Given how many addicts make use of budget hotels and motels, it isn’t surprising that meth is being cooked up there as well.

  • Anonymous

    I would guess they are evaporating lighter fluid off with it. One would think that someone in the motel would notice the smell. The chemicals used would melt plastic. The color would likely be from the coatings of pills that a small set up like this would be using as its pseudo-ephedrine raw material. I imagine if you looked in the garbage of the Motel there are a lot of decongestant boxes. You could probably visit the nearest pharmacy and they would know who was smurfing it. Marshall County is probably not the fastest responders to problems that should be obvious.

  • Pete C

    As a recovering addict pretty much everything she stated in the last paragraph is true.

  • Pete C

    I doubt they’re booking rooms at the Ramada. But I personally knew Meth dealers living in motels.