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Cuban Truck-Raft


It doesn’t say exactly what’s going on in this photograph but it accompanied an article in Foreign Policy on the continued exodus of immigrants fleeing Cuba to the US. The home-made vehicle appears to be a truck-powered raft. The barrels provide floatation and the engine drives the propeller. Cool hack if it works.

Posted on December 20, 2007 at 1:54 pm | comments

  • Pete

    This was for real. The guy was a trucker in Cuba, and figured if he took his truck with him to the US he’d have an instant business (rather naive).

    They tried to do the crossing at night, but the truck/boat was slower than they hoped, and so they ended up approaching the US coast during daylight, where they were easily pickup up by the coastguard and flown back to Cuba. The coastguard sank the truck.

    Some of them did eventually make it to the US:

  • Boensch

    Sad that they could not stay after all their hard work. They were prepared to work and earn a living. Inventive people like this should be helped and allowed to stay. They are the kind that make America strong. The paper work should have been adjusted.