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Dashboard Oven

MSNBC carried this story on August 3, 2006 datelined in Bedford New Hampshire about a women who uses the dashboard in her SUV as an oven to bake cookies.

Cookie oven

Blistering heat was just what Sandi Fontaine needed to bake cookies for her co-workers — on the dash of her Toyota RAV4. With temperatures soaring Wednesday, Fontaine placed two trays of cookie dough on the dashboard, shut the doors and retreated inside to her air-conditioned office.Fontaine first tested her dashboard oven three years ago. She said anyone can do it; the only requirement is for the outside temperature to be at least 95 degrees, so it will rise to about 200 degrees in the car. “When you open the door to that car,” she said, “it’s like, oh, my God. It’s a wonderful smell.”

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