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English Owner-Built Weapons

This summer (June 2006) the British declared it “National Knife Amnesty.” The idea was that common folk were to turn in their illegal knives and other weapons with no penalty. Amazing quite a few did — though no doubt most did not.


According to this report from Staffordshire Police website, “These weapons were only made for the purpose of fear and intimidation with the potential of inflicting serious injury, even death – there would be no other reason for their use.” said Sgt Jim Mills at the force’s crime reduction unit. “We are pleased that the owners’ have been responsible and handed them in. We would urge anyone who has home-made weapons to take the same route and surrender them at one of the designated police stations.” Tackling knife culture is paramount to the safety of our communities. People who carry bladed weapons run the risk of that weapon being used on them, or inflicting serious injury on others. It also carries a jail sentence of up to four years. The total number of weapons surrendered in Staffordshire during the amnesty, which has now been running for four weeks, has reached 1,420.”

But what is really surprising are the homemade weapons. Among those turned in are some pretty well-crafted pieces.



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