Street Use

Fryer Basket Antenna

Lots of low-tech household items have been used to boost wi-fi signals, starting with Pringle cans and upward. But none have been able to match the decibel gains offered by a Chinese fry basket. This off-the-shelf item seems ready-made to accompany a laptop as it seeks a good signal in the park. Or near a den window. It has a nearly perfect parabola shape, and a handy bamboo handle. A guy in New Zealand named Stan Swan has devoted a web site to perfecting the fry basket antenna, where this image comes from.


Posted on August 17, 2006 at 2:05 am | comments

  • Agit

    These actually work pretty well, I have used one in the past, and passed it alog to others that have needed connectivity that lived near hotspots. total cost for mine:

    15$ for an Airlink + adapter from someone off of Craigslist
    10$ for the strainer (can be bought at ANY asian grocers)
    5$ for the 6 foot USB extension cable.