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Handcuff Bicycle Lock

In addition to this photo of a bike where the police rider used their handcuffs as bicycle lock — previously posted on Street Use — here is another one with the same idea (found on this guy’s blog).

Handcuff Lock

Posted on May 20, 2007 at 11:27 pm | comments

  • I’d advise against handcuffs… they are an incredibly easy lock to pick. Seriously, grab something thin and stiff (like a hairpin), stick it in the lock at a sharp angle, and twirl it in a full circle. There’s good odds you’ll release the lock.

    Handcuffs are made for keeping people restrained while under supervision. They are not made to prevent casual theft.

  • heya,

    i’ve been using handcuffs for a while now and can’t talk them up enough. they’re small and easy to fit into your packet – no need for a bulky chain.

    here’s a pic of it in use here: