Street Use

Handcuff Bike Lock

Jonathan Schreiber writes: Thought you might enjoy this bike-related street use that Justin found as we were walking from our offices to lunch in Sausalito (CA). A CHP Bike cop was getting a sandwich inside Golden Gate market. This what he used as his bike lock.


Posted on October 26, 2006 at 12:50 am | comments

  • Thomas Terashima

    Like all locks, a handcuff only slows down a determined thief…especially since most handcuffs have a common key. -=TT=-

  • Ian muir

    I work in the industry where i also use handcuffs as a bike lock. This is a trade secret

  • Heh. And today we found a nondescript kiddie pool in a parking spot between fancy cars full of sand, mud, and water. As I like to say, “Silly Sausalito.”