Street Use

Home-made Marble Shooting Air Gun

Looks dangerous. Probably is. I found this streetuse weapon on Matthias Wandel’s website, where in addition to the air gun he documents his other benign and geeky pursuits, including what he calls his “insane contraptions.” He writes:

Marble Rifle

Air guns are normally small air powered rifles that shoot relatively small projectiles, primarily used for target practice. Usually, they are pumped up with an internal cylinder, activated by hinging the barrel towards the stock. My home made air guns experiments however take their lineage more from potato gun technology than target practice rifles

Rifle Trigger

The nice thing with an air gun like this of course is that it can be used to shoot all kinds of stuff. AA batteries, for example. Or Pens, or sticks of wood. Or filling the barrel with water. One Idea I got relatively late was to try to shoot the big chocolate covered peanut M&M’s. They are about the shape and size of a marble, but not as heavy, and not as round. I wasn’t expecting to put one through 1/2″ plywood, but I figured with 1/4″ plywood, I’d have a chance.

M And M's

M And M Impact1

The Wasp sucking machine in action on my roof. This machine was the fulfillment of a childhood fantasy!

Sucking Machine

Posted on May 23, 2007 at 9:37 pm | comments

  • James Kohl

    if you know how to make this i would love the scematich i think thats how you spell it to hell with it anyway yea it looks beastly i live on a farm and ive lost three cats to this fox that comes by our house but my mom wont buy a gun so i need something else kinda like this

  • tobias sweeney

    if anyone can tell me how to make an air pump i would like to build my own gun

  • Leslie

    Can you please show me how to make one by myself and what materials would I need? Please, I really want to make one myself, coz I live in Sydney and I can’t get guns in the city so if you please show me how to make one, I would be really really happy.

  • basalo

    you can make a cheaper one by using denatured alcohol ignited in a 4 inch pvc tank. you can use a pretty simple elbow and an electronic lighter wick to blast your marble out. makes a loud sound though. not good for urban neighborhood.

  • Yama

    Please tell me how to make one!!!!!