Street Use

Improvised Explosive Device

An Improvised Explosive Device, also called an IED, is a street-made weapon. These are the uglies blowing up civilians and soldiers in Iraq.

This photo of one IED found in Iraq was submitted to Shock and Awe section of the US soldier bulletin board by Shain Chmura. He adds: Make special note of the “01 Call Missed” displayed on the phone.


I don’t know anything about this device. The image is courtesy of the US Department of Defense.


Posted on August 19, 2006 at 5:27 am | comments

  • anonymousspook

    yeh ok the cell phones they must be paying a phone bill somewhere to have missed calls on the phone . for that to be one missed calls whos paying the phone bills what telecoms company has the phone records for the phones and what frequency they using the radio on

  • Maks

    Here’s an article by Michael Yon from August ’05
    though in that case it wasn’t a cellphone but a walkie-talkie

  • Flatfoot

    Surprisingly amateurish.

    Mobile phone activated detonators must be possible to buy via weapons dealers nowadays.

    If you can freely buy cruise missiles, tanks, planes etc, why not this kind of detonator? Too high-tech for the weapons industry?

  • I always thought it was neat how most technology can be modified for so many diverse uses. The bottom image looks a bit like a detonation device, maybe.

  • To read a soldiers perspective on this check out…

  • Scott T

    from a person I know involded in related issues “I assume phones display that message when the network later informs the phone that a previous call to that phone did not connect. The fact that the phone, although being used as an IED component, was recovered intact suggests to me that the signal to the phone was being jammed at the time of the missed call (probably to trigger the IED). Which is probably also the reason the device was recovered undetonated.” He later said “The only way to truely defeat IEDs is by convincing the people who are using them to stop using them. Tragically we’re still a long way from even trying that strategy.”

  • If you can freely buy cruise missiles, tanks, planes etc, why not this kind of detonator? Too high-tech for the weapons industry?

    Think about it.

    You can’t just go down to the mall and pick up a tank. Neither can the folks that make these things. Bare explosives and phones are far easier to get than real, single purpose weapons.

    So why don’t “big” weapons buyers use them, and why don’t “big” weapons dealers sell them? Because if you have access to a tank, you have access to radio-based detonators that can’t be disabled by a commercial phone network when your little plot is discovered.

  • anonymous

    anyone who can buy blackmarket wepons should know someone who knows how to wire a blasting cap to the leds of the speaker of a cell phone

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