Street Use

Improvised Truck Armor

It would be hard to find a better example of “street use” than these hardened street trucks outfitted for desert war. A guy named Defensor Fortis, who was stationed in Iraq, posted some photos on Flickr of truck modifications performed by contractors. These are desperate attempt to protect a factory-issue truck from roadside bombs or enemy fire. They also boast their own artillery posts to return fire. When asked about the effectiveness of the jerry-rigged armor Defensor said, “I have seen no proof, but I imagine they’re fairly safe from small arms fire and more than like fitted with “run flat” tires.”

This one is a Ford Super Duty gun truck in Southern Iraq (Mar 06).

In southern Iraq a modified GMC truck used by a British company, April 06.

In June 06, a gun truck in southern Iraq.

From the rear gun ports you can notice the armor plate behind the glass.

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