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Layers of Time

I found this on Otherthings Flickr page. It a multilayered paint chip taken from a public mural wall that was recently demolished.

This is an extreme closeup scan (2400 dpi) of a paint chip retrieved from the ruins of Belmont Art Park by Amy McKenzie earlier this year. The fragment is about 1cm thick, and appears to consist of about 150-200 layers of paint. (For a sense of scale, note the ridges of my fingerprint in the lower right.) This should give you an idea of the staggering number of pieces painted in this spot over the decades.  The park used to be surrounded by one long wall covered with artwork, but that wall was illegally demolished by real estate developers earlier this year.

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Posted on November 20, 2007 at 2:28 pm | comments

  • Dominic Muren


    There is a sort of subculture within the lapidary world of artists who work with “fordite”, which is a layered composite of years of lacquer paint over spray from automotive plants. Unfortunately for these artists, modern electrostatic painting methods and powder coating have eliminated the supply of this material, but the pieces that are in circulation are striking.

    Or search for “fordite”