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Like a Peking Duck in the Water

More farmer-built vehicles. This one featured on the Chinese website, SHM, is an amphibious vehicle. Goes on dirt roads and rivers. According to a translation provided by the great China-watching website Virtual China, the inventor has applied for a patent for the thing.


“On Sept. 25 [2006], 75-year old boatsman Hu Zeshen piloted the dual-use amphibious vehicle that he invented. Mr. Hu lives in Loudi city, Hunan Province, in southern China, and has spent his life working on ships plying China’s rivers and canals. He calls his invention “the Happy Boat.” The vehicle has a 5 horsepower diesel engine and a 1 horsepower electric engine.  He and his wife plan to take the vehicle on holiday during China’s National Day vacation, to explore scenic waterways in other parts of his province.  Mr. Hu will apply for a patent for his vehicle, too.”


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