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One Gate, Multiple Locks

What do you do if you have a locked gate but more than one person is permitted to open it? You don’t want multiple keys, in case one is lost/stolen. Then all the keys may need replacing. Instead you can have multiple locks, chained into one long lock. Open any lock to open the gate. This way each person needs to manage their key (and lock). I’ve seen various installations on this solution in different parks in the Bay Area.



Posted on April 22, 2008 at 3:01 pm | comments

  • Edward Herniak

    The second one does actually work. Don’t thumb down things because you can’t understand them.

  • Randy

    Check out
    These can be found on many utility gates, barrier gates and chainlink gates in the USA.

  • Patrick

    do they have anything simular for Chainlink gates?

  • Larry

    You can find these locks, just now coming available through Website just being installed.

  • John Ortiz

    Excellent idea. I think that most simple things make a most simple life. Thanks. So long.

  • ElecEngineer

    We do that at power sub-stations around our state, so that each company that needs access can get in to various areas to perform work. Such a simple solution to the problem and works great!

  • Steve Manook

    Where can I buy these types of locking device?

  • jeff

    Clean solution, Looks much nicer than the rotory systems I’ve seen