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Pumpkin Canons


What do you do with long sections of irrigation pipes and air compressors? You make guns that can shoot pumpkins over 1,000 meters! That’s what farmers and backyard ballistics nerds do every year at the Punkin Chunkin festival in Millsboro, Delaware. Every year they keep getting bigger and badder. There’s a video clip of what happens when the pumpkin sticks and the irrigation pipe blows up.

Ddvf Letsbounce-2


Here are the rules:
1. Pumpkins must weigh between 8 & 10 pounds.
2. Pumpkin must leave the machine intact.
3. No part of the machine shall cross the firing line.
4. No “wadding” (including bean chaff, straw, foam, metal, or any other object, or foreign matter).
5. No explosives are allowed! “Compressed air only
6. Pumpkin must be loaded before Pressurizing tanks, and Official must see you load it
7. Air Lines must have a Check Valve near the machine end of line
8. Any machine that shoots out of the field of play will be allowed 3 hours to have spotters locate Pumpkin. The field of play is defined as not being in the woods. If it is spotted up to the wood line it is considered in the field. If in the field of play you will not need the 3 hours location time.


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