Street Use

Rooftop and Building Sides Theaters

This is literally street use of technology. Projecting films for the neighborhood at night is not a new idea, but hi-tech digital projectors make it possible on a much smaller scale. In New York City a group called Rooftop Films will rent equipment or help communities set up movie projections during warm summer nights. But anyone with a cheap digital projector can do their own show in their own neighborhoods. You need a large white wall or screen, a projector, DVD player, sound, lots of chairs and a warm night.



Posted on August 25, 2006 at 11:58 pm | comments

  • I took part in a mass demonstration in the winter of 2001-2 in Vienna where something similar mounted on a supermarket trolley was used to show a film during the march. Two protestors held up the screen mounted on poles like a banner, whilst another pushed the trolley and operated the projector. Current was supplied by a cable to a sound truck.

  • Kevin Kelly

    Alex, by any chance would you have some images of the trolley mounted projector from that demonstration? I’d love to feature them here.

  • Kevin Kelly

    Thanks, Maks. I posted your suggestion. And yes, Phillip, I am sure these shows break all kinds of rules including local ordinances. That’s half of their allure.

  • Philip Barrett

    In this current climate of rabid dog enforcement by the MPAA surely a show like this infringes on the ‘Public Performance” clause?

  • Maks

    I found this site, they sell the parts for DIY beamers and assembled ones using LCD monitors and fresnel lenses, I have no idea if it works and how hard it is, but it seems to be a BIG community and the projects posted in the forum are really cool. also check out this article: , backyard projector on wheels.