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Scooter Contraption

I can’t tell what this is for. Might be a portable night market stall (for food?). There’s a generator on the tail and a light bulb hanging in the middle. Seems to be in Korea. That’s all I know.  (Thanks Dave Gray)


Posted on July 3, 2009 at 10:03 am | comments

  • Tim

    LOL – I love that the front wheel on the ‘cart’ is flat, but he’s still going.

  • cajunfj40

    Don’t have the reference handy, but this came up a while ago elsewhere in a larger format – this is at least heavily enhanced via PhotoShop or similar. I think you can see the kickstand on the scooter is down in this one…

    heh, “scenes exaggera” for the captcha, how apt.

  • busby

    Nice SUV. After seeing some of the driving in India this doesn’t seem too extrime to be real.

  • Mike

    I was in Korea a year or so ago and pretty sure I’ve seen this for real or something very similar.

  • Travis

    If this is real, which I doubt, I have to wonder why bother? Why would someone want to sit up high like that when it would be so much easier to sit on the scooter and drive it directly.

  • @busby

    that is in korea, madam… not India..

  • Tom G

    That’s a motor home – and an adaptation to urban homelessness. Bunk bed upper with rain shelter. TV lower level with water and gasoline. The high seating position is this guy’s way of saying, I’m somebody smart, fun and ingenious, not a lowlife drunk. Note the fancy sunscreen hat & sun shirt, he might be a perpetual tourist.

  • NorthCountryLiberal

    It is Korea.

    Real or not, it speaks to Korean engenuity and their ability to do much with very little. That is why tiny South Korea is one of the four economic leaders in Asia.

  • Robin Hodson

    South Korea is a high-tech developed country, so this is more likely to be thailand etc.