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Shopping Cart Cart

Reader Steve Portigal pointed us to his friend Victor Lombardi, who captured this cool hack. A guy riding his bike down Canal Street in NYC while towing a shopping cart. It apparentlhy serves as a found and free hauling trailer. I would love to see the hitching details.

Shoping Cartcart

Posted on September 23, 2006 at 1:48 am | comments

  • He was moving too fast for me to get a more detailed shot (I had to run alongside him to shoot this). But the hitch was somewhat like a car hitch, a loop around either the seatpost or the seat creating a hinge that could pivot as he turned corners. But it wasn’t sophisticated engineering, just clever, slapdash DIY work.

  • eric

    I want to build something just like that.

  • Tom Buckner

    I saw some kids in a housing project playing with carts like this a few years ago. The plastic part was gone, leaving a sort of seat, and there were several carts attached in tandem. They rode their homemade rollercoaster down a sloping sidewalk, all screaming, at about five miles per hour.

  • Tom Buckner

    Oh, I forgot to mention, the homemade rollercoaster was sighted in Worcester, Massachusetts.