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Snack Baggie Mobile Protection

Some mobile devices are not as waterproof as others. Alexander Rose has lost several Treos to mild moisture penetration — even from sweat in a pocket, or rain. His solution is a zip lock bag. It keeps water out and let’s sound and light in, so he can speak and hear normally through the plastic and punch in the keys. Here is what Rose says: “I am on my 3rd Treo in a little over a year (good thing I got replacement insurance!). It turns out they are ridiculously sensitive to water. Even hi humidity or sweat has made mine blank out. So now whenever there is risk of it getting wet (like rain) I put it in a snack sized ziplock. You can use all the features, talk and hear through it just fine. There are also some high end cases by Otterbox but I like the ziplock solution as its light, collapsable, and just water tight enough.”


It does look pretty dorky. Anyone else have the same problem, or different solution?

Posted on November 9, 2006 at 4:51 pm | comments

  • I use the exact same solution for my Sony Clie; at night I can read books while walking outside even when it’s raining. I also use it for my iRiver H120, with a variation; I route the headphones wire in a spiral as I wrap the ziplock around the iRiver, with the wire exiting at the bottom, then zip it down from the top almost closed. I always carry a ziplock in a pocket for this purpose, never worry about an unexpected rain.

  • Tom Taborda

    my kitchen TV’s remote control has lived inside a ziplock bag for years


  • Paul D.

    I’ve used the zip lock bag trick for a few years. Usually only when I am out for extended periods of time and think I may get drenched with rain, or possibly take an unexpected dunk in a body of water. For the last couple of years I’ve been using an Aloksak by Watchful Eye Designs (which is a kind of creepy Orwellian company name).

    The Aloksak is what most people think a zip lock bag is, waterproof. They are more expensive than regular zip locks by far but have much better seals and are pretty durable. I doubted the companies claims when I first got mine, so I filled on full of water and carried it around in my pocket and bag for several hours.

    The different sizes are great for all kinds of uses. I haven’t tried any of their other products though.

    If these haven’t been on Cool Tools yet, they should be IMO.

  • I can’t say I really have this problem, but I do have a different solution:

  • Bao

    haha… my cheap roommates does the same thing with his ipod video… lol

  • Kevin…I saw your post through Gizmodo and sent it over to* and the author posted some other good solutions that divers use. Check it out.

    *Full Disclosure I helped setup their blog.

  • T39andcounting

    You could always spend some money and get yourself an Aquapac…

    The ‘Mini’ size fits the treo just right. Never had a problem killing my Treo from my sweat, but I always stick it in an Aquapac when I take to the water!

  • Jim

    This may be OK in a light rain, but don’t count on it if it is totally submersed. Trust me on this one!

  • guicas

    My riend puts his cellphone inside a condom, full of air, when he goes sailng..

  • HC

    I hear that the Navy Seals use condoms to keep things dry. I have no experience with condoms, so I don’t know if they would fit these devices.

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