Street Use

Tool of One’s Own

Lloyd Kahn found this hand-made tool on the workbench of Louie’s On the River. It’s a Vice-Grip with a 90 degree pipe elbow welded to it to serve as a handle that can rest in your palm and let you work it one handed.


Posted on August 2, 2006 at 8:49 am | comments

  • C Vannatta

    This is a factory made ONE HANDED Locking plier; that used to have a comfortable Blue plastic PALM knob of sorts where the cobbled 90 degree pipe fitting now is welded. The spring loaded jaws were intended to be opened by the Thumb and Index fingers pulling a sliding collar on the upper wrench handle. The tool was originally contracted for by NASA. Rule for this wrench/plier is that every action has a reaction. This tool can be set for 3 different jaw pressures by sliding a tensioner forward or back that is just in front of the Quick Release bottom short lever shown. The original ones are Parkerized and manufactured by CHANNEL-LOCK. I have owned one over 20 years; when they were first let to the public they cost $24.95 USD. I have since purchased several at various sales and pawn shops. Absolutely the best Over Center locking pliers you can own.