Street Use

Utility Vehicle

Bob Travis posted this picture on his Flickr site. He says it is a presumably still running utility vehicle used by an organic farmer to haul stuff on his one-man farm.



Posted on August 11, 2006 at 3:00 am | comments

  • There are maybe hundreds of these critters in northern New England – I’ve heard them called timberdoodles and woods bugs. They live in the space where wrench twisting and folk art meet to share a cold one after a day in the puckerbrush.

  • goatt

    I have one. Made it out of a dodge dakota 4×4,works great,My freinds and I had a race in a swamp once,I had the doodlebug and my freinds had trucks, I never got my doodlebug stuck but my freinds got ther trucks stuck so i had to pull them out.We need a doodlebug website .oh yah thats a cool doodlebug up there like to see more photo’s.

  • EVERETTJanna18

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  • Kevin Kelly

    Timberdoodle is a cool name, Dr.Hypercube; I was hoping a quick google would turn up some more examples, but it didn’t. Niether did wood bug. Maybe its a really local lingo.

  • Try looking for “Doodlebug Tractor”-that’s the root name of these tractors-you’ll find lots of stuff. They were built from old cars during the War Years when things were a bit more lean.