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Velowalas: Bikes for Business

In much of the developing world, bike technology is significant mobile technology. Bikes are transportation, and offices and shops and stores. The folks at Velowala — velo for “moving” as in velocity and wala for “man” as in the Hindi — collect examples of people using bicycle technology on the streets of India. This wala sells churan, tangy snacks and digestive pills. Many more examples here.


Posted on April 6, 2010 at 1:08 pm | comments

  • Margaret

    I think it’s also quite likely that the velo in velowala comes more directly from the French word for bicycle which is, you guessed it, vélo.

  • Meena Kadri

    And further commentary on Mobile Enterprise in India and beyond here:

  • Alex

    The stuff they cram onto spoked wheels in India will blow your mind. Mobile kitchens, clothing, shoes, hats, all sorts of foods to go. And if the vendor you are talking to doesn’t have it, don’t worry, he can call his brother’s Velowala on the cell and have it there in minutes.