The Technium

Book Launch

The book form of this blog is now available as a finely crafted hard-cover tome, entitled What Technology Wants. You can find it at your favorite bookseller. It is also available in Kindle ebook and Audible book form. In concert with its release I will be speaking at the following public events in the coming weeks:

   October 16: Boston Book Festival
   October 18: Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs;
            New York Public Library
   October 26: Seattle @ Barnes & Noble
   October 28: Menlo Park @ Kepler’s
   November 1: Portland @ Bagdad Theatre
   November 3: San Francisco @ Commonwealth Club
   November 7: Pasadena @ Caltech Skeptics Lecture Series
   November 16: San Francisco @ Booksmith

Please see for full details and updates.

If you are in the neighborhood, please come by and introduce yourself.

  • dany bloom

    Bravo, Kevin. A word well done. But you are wrong. SIGH. This Youtube screengrab is yr book:
    Go look:

    This review worth reading too:

  • Henry

    Will a Kindle edition be available in the UK any time soon?

  • Matt Warren

    I am actually going to be downtown Seattle on October 26th in advance of a symposium over the next two days. Killer timing.

    I will definitely stop by. Of course, now I have to *not* wait until Christmas and get your book earlier. What a bummer. :)

  • vanderleun

    Sold. In the Amazon cart and sent to shipping.

    See you in Seattle.

  • vanderleun

    Might want to specify Barnes and Noble at University Village. There’s a downtown one and it might confuse.

  • Guy Parkinson

    Is the e-book only available for Kindle? You have been a proponent of open publishing in the past, releasing your earlier books as PDFs on your site; why move to the limited domain of Amazon’s proprietary Kindle format for this book? I understand you want to sell books, and choosing not to offer a free PDF is certainly fair, but why leave out those of us who don’t support Amazon’s restrictive policies and use alternative readers?