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Pre-orders have shipped, hardback copies are hitting shelves, and ebooks are available for download, so you may already have your copy of my new book. I’d love to hear your feedback via any avenue you’d like to use. In the interest of increasing opportunities for engagement, I’ve set up a new-to-this site, old-to-new-media tool: forums. Of course you’re still welcome to write to me directly, but I’ll also be monitoring and participating in the discussions there. This is also an opportunity for you to engage with other readers. I’ve started a few threads, but I’m hoping to see the range of conversation expand. It’s a bit of an experiment, but I hope you’ll find the What Technology Wants Forums & Discussions to be an interesting and engaging environment. All types of feedback are welcome.

  • danny bloom

    Bravo, Kevin. A word well done. But you are wrong. SIGH. This Youtube screengrab is yr book:
    Go look:

    This review worth reading too:

  • emlak

    Thanks, Danny.
    Posted by Emlak

  • John

    Hello Kevin
    Proper use of “technium.”
    Would a concentration of people, organizations and technology in a specific field be referred to as the “energy technium, photon technium or nano technium or is technium only reserved for universial discription of the entire techium sphere?

  • kirk

    I now think that each human has a technium doppelganger. I look in the mirror and see an automaton that is my credit score, my credit card limit, my Amazon purchases and my facebook life.

    Each of us has our very own rough beast that stirs its slow thighs.

  • Rhum

    My mind is a flurry of ideas. Thank you for taking time to express your ideas publicly. I found you through Fora.TV on Hulu.

    Honestly, I find myself wanting to discuss a few points with you. Is this the correct forum for open discourse on your body of ideas?