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I am still in book tour mode. I’ve set aside the entire month of January 2011 to come talk at your company, for free. I have only the following minimal requirements:
   1) If your organization is located in the Bay Area, and
   2) Will pre-purchase from your favorite bookstore at least 25 copies of my book, and
   3) I can schedule it during January,
then I will come and speak to your group about What Technology Wants (and anything else!) for an hour.

It is first come, first served, until the month of January is filled. To make scheduling easier you can check this online calendar here (and embedded below) which will reveal which slots have already been taken. If I’m not shown as unavailable or “taken,” chances are I’m available. If your group is not in the Bay Area, it may be possible to arrange a webinar or videoconference if you are willing to purchase the minimum number of books, but it has to occur during January. I will quit February 1st. I would also like to have all engagments settled by the first of the new year.

As long as your org meets the criteria, size is not important. You don’t have to be in tech. Non-profits, NGOs, schools are great. I am happy to speak at the giant complexes (that’s you Oracle and Intel), or a group in a larger organization, as well as tiny start ups.
So, if you would like me to talk to your organization, gratis (and you fit the requirements), send an email to this address: We’ll figure out a time in January that works.

You can find out more about the book, its summary, how it has been reviewed, etc., on my What Technology Wants book page.


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