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  • I have the highly recommended La Crosse 4 charger. Great charger. But my kids' devices eat batteries like the cookie monster eats cookies. I really do not want to buy 3 more of the La Crosse chargers due to their price plus space and plugs. Can anyone recommend a good charger that does at least 8 at a time? More would be nice.


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    Question by seanthedirtworshipper

Four at a time is the most I have seen. Check out the photo battery chargers that are out to charge AA and AAA. Most photography shops have them and photography websites as well. I have two 4 battery chargers at the house. Also a ton of rechargeables around. Good Luck

Answer by carydc

You can get a Duracell 15-minute charger (still for four) for $30 to $40. Would that solve the problem?

Answer by winston

I have the Duracell 15-minute charger. It works well. Only problem is that the kids don't think to use it. They still find it easier to go to the battery box and grab the regular ones.

In addition, the batteries get lost. We have so many battery operated devices that its hard to remember which device contains the rechargeable batteries.

If you used only rechargeable batteries the above problems would be eliminated. But, there will be much resistance to the extra step of recharging, even if it is only 15 minutes.

If the device can be charged with an AC adapter or DC car charger, and be used while it is being charged, I think that would be best. AC adapters for most devices can be easily found online just be sure it is the right voltage etc. for your device.

Answer by dematty

MAHA chargers are pretty well liked. They make 3 chargers that take 8 batteries. One can charge AAA, AA, C & D sizes. The other two are fairly equal, http://www.mahaenergy.com/store/8compare.asp

Answer by ren
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