img 07/11/18

Kidz-Med Medicine Dispenser

Pacifier for administering meds

img 07/8/18


Classic puzzle in great package

img 01/2/18

Thermos Funtainer

Best beverage container for kids

img 10/26/17

Triple Dice

Thee dice inside a clear plastic cube

img 05/15/17

SleekEZ Grooming Tool

Grooming tool uses hacksaw blade to brush out animal fur

img 05/3/17

GoPets Nail Clippers

Easy pet nail trimming

img 04/21/17

Tangle Tamer

Makes hair detangling fast and painless

img 03/8/17

Pocket Microscope

Dirt cheap microscope with UV light and LED

img 12/19/16

Be the Coolest Dad on the Block

Guide to entertaining your kids

img 06/6/16

Collapsable Pet Exercise Pen

Keep your puppy penned in and use as a painting rack

img 02/5/16

Baby Shusher

Soothes fussy babies with rhythmic “shush” sound

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