Tool Chest

img 02/14/23

Purdy Folding Prep Tool

Caulk cleaner, cutter, bottle opener, nail set end, scraper, spreader, roller cleaner, paint tin opener, flat head screw remover and pocket clip

img 06/17/22

Spring-Loaded Self-Striking Center Punch

This week for my Cool Tools video review I’m going to show you a fancy automatic center hole punch, great …


Craftsman Ratcheting Screwdriver

Bargain hand-powered driver


Mr. Grip

Fix worn and stripped screw holes


Pocket Caliper

Accurate measurements up to 1/32″


Picquic Sixpac

Best multiple-bit screwdriver


Offset Screwdriver

Simple, dependable, vital

img 08/4/21

Dead On 18-Inch Annihilator

Demolition hammer-use for breaking down hard surfaces

img 06/23/21

Pistol Grip Needle Nose Pliers

Angled design for use in tight spaces & hard to reach areas

img 06/14/21

Magnetic tool holder

Keeps tools within easy reach

img 05/26/21

8 oz. Stubby Claw Hammer

Compact hammer for smaller woodworking projects

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