Thumbnail Template 09/14/20

Yankee Screwdriver Hex Bit Adapter

Expand the capabilities of a Yankee Screwdriver

tapthumb1 09/7/20

Solderless Wire Splicer

Wire Tapping Made Easy

keyringbit_thumb 08/24/20

EDC Titanium Screwdriver

Big Idea Design Titanium Pocket Bit

Thumbnail Template 08/3/20

Spring Tools Double Punch

Hammerless action ensures accuracy & precision

Thumbnail Template 07/20/20

Touch Light Hand Loupe

Carson MagniTouch 3x Touch Activated LED Lighted Stand Loupe

incra_thumb2 07/13/20

Best Precision Marking Ruler Set

Incra 12″ Marking Rule Set

maglamp_thumb 07/1/20

Best Task Light for Tools

Gooseneck Magnetic Lamp

Thumbnail Template 06/22/20

This Owl Is Not What It Seems

(Unless The Owl Seems Like a Key Holder to You)