img 04/18/19

Izumi Sweater Shaver

Clean shaven sweaters

img 03/7/19

Snag Nab-It

Repairs small frays in garments, drapes, and upholstery

img 11/14/18

Kinco Ski Gloves

Insulated hand protection

img 11/1/18

Glove Guards

Tethered gloves

img 09/19/18


Multi-use warmer for heads, hands, neck

img 07/26/18

Crocs Flip Flops

Durable flip flops that don’t get slippery

img 03/19/18

Lacrosse Felt Insoles

Provides comfort, additional warmth, or a more snug fit

img 01/29/18


Big blanket with sleeves

img 11/23/17

Ikea Clothes Hangers

Smooth, sturdy hangers