img 01/6/21

Masters of Deception

Showcase of nerd art

img 10/17/19

A Pattern Language

Design heuristics

img 09/15/18

Oblique Strategies

Useful dilemma prompt cards; a portable oracle

img 04/30/18

Elements of Typographic Style

A guiding philosophy of type

img 12/4/17

Art Forms in Nature

Library of possible life forms

img 10/5/17


Free and easy to use CAD software

img 12/23/14

DigiKey Electronics

Electronic components by mail

img 10/22/14


Laser cut parts to order

img 10/1/14

Adafruit PCB Ruler

Handy reference for DIY printed circuit board design

img 08/8/14


Collaborative web and app design


Girders and Gears

Girders and Gears is the place for fanatical hobbyists and collectors of metal construction sets. Serious enthusiasts show off what …

img 01/7/14

Butterick’s Practical Typography

Free crash course in typography

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