Science Method

img 10/26/20

Gonzo Gizmos

Low-rent science hacks

img 10/13/18

Theo Gray’s Mad Science

Dangerous home experiments

img 11/9/12

DIY Satellite Platforms

Homemade space satellites


Factual eBook Review

Download the Universe The Science EBook Review This is pretty good. A site that reviews original science-based long-form factuals on …


Super sensitive digital scale

A reader in Ask Cool Tools was looking for a cheap digital scale that could weigh items to a precision …


The Scale of the Universe 2

This is a cool tool for comprehending, appreciating, and demonstrating the scale of our universe. I used to recommend Charles …

img 05/24/11

ViTiny USB Digital Microscope

Handheld digital microscope

img 11/30/09

Elemental Scientific

Best source for chemicals

img 07/7/09

Carson MicroBrite

Pocket microscope

img 12/26/08

Anchor Optics

Diverse optical supplies

img 10/10/08

SkyScout Personal Planetarium

GPS-powered astronomy guide

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