img 04/29/19


Cheap audio version of any article

img 01/18/19

L-288AMBT Portable Radio

Feature packed inexpensive radio

img 01/16/19

Software-Defined Radio

Receiving radio signals using a tuner dongle

img 01/14/19

Mpow M5 Bluetooth Headset

Wireless over head earpiece with noise reduction

img 01/11/19

Bose Color Bluetooth Speaker

Loudest, clearest Bluetooth speaker

img 11/20/18

Behringer USB Audio Interface

Budget digital audio converter

img 10/9/18

ART USB Phono Plus

Easily transfer audio from your vinyl records to your computer

img 11/27/17

G7th Capo

Best guitar capo

img 09/12/17

The Fluke Ukulele

Cool cheap instrument

img 06/21/17

One-string Canjo

Easily build a one-string canjo (tin banjo) instrument