img 10/9/18

ART USB Phono Plus

Easily transfer audio from your vinyl records to your computer

img 11/27/17

G7th Capo

Best guitar capo

img 09/12/17

The Fluke Ukulele

Cool cheap instrument

img 06/21/17

One-string Canjo

Easily build a one-string canjo (tin banjo) instrument

img 06/9/17

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

Records 1,000 hours as MP3 files

img 05/5/17

Stereo-to-Mono Earbud

Converts stereo to mono

img 05/1/17

Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Cars

Gives older cars a link to your phone

img 04/3/17

Reader favorite: Bose QC20 Headphones

Best all around noise cancelling earphones

img 02/13/17

Bluetooth Receiver Streambot

Bluetooth adapter plugs into any powered sound system or earbuds

img 01/20/17


Music made easier

img 11/1/16

Calm Radio

Relaxing background music

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