img 05/11/21

Smart Move Tape

Clearest box labeling

img 04/21/21

Super Sliders Furniture Movers

Reusable slide and hide furniture movers for carpet

img 04/15/21

Programmable Light Switch Timer

Sunset and sunrise light programming

img 02/18/21


Traps moisture

img 02/10/21

Folex Spot Remover

Removes wine, ink, pet stains, dirt, food spills, and more

img 01/20/21

Mr. Beams Amber Nightlight

Battery-powered motion-activated nightlights

img 12/18/20

Analog Atomic Wall Clock

Constant automatic accuracy

img 12/3/20

Over-the-Door Organizer

Make large numbers of small items easy to store and find

img 11/5/20

LED Candles with Timer and Remote

Candles that burn 500 hours per pair of AA batteries

img 10/29/20

Twin Draft Stopper

Simple removable draft barrier

img 10/13/20

Spider and insect glue board traps

Sticky traps for six- and eight-legged vermin