img 06/26/19

Vari-Speed Fan Speed Controller

Control speed of fans, blowers, fireplace blowers, attic fans, humidifiers, ventilators, etc.

img 06/17/19

Fiskars Cuts+More

Multipurpose scissors cut everything

img 04/25/19

Radio Controlled Clock (“Atomic Clock”)

Wall clock with to-the-second accuracy

img 02/21/19

Battery Powered LED Spotlight

Motion-activated spotlight

img 02/15/19


Open your garage with your iPhone or Android

img 02/5/19

Magnetic Doorstop

No more slamming doors

img 01/24/19

GE LED Brightstik

Fits in sockets where a traditional bulb doesn’t fit

img 09/10/18

Armor All Air Freshening Protectant Wipes

Clean, shines, protects, and deodorizes

img 07/19/18

Waterfall Soap Saver

Keep soap clean and dry

img 06/28/18

Nexx WiFi Garage Door Opener

Open your garage door from the other side of the planet

img 06/26/18

Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System

Will not disturb fish or decor during routine aquarium maintenance.