img 09/27/21

8-Inch Bottle Cleaning Set

Cleaning hard-to-get-to spots

img 09/9/21

Door Ease Lube Stick

Unsticks sticky doors, windows, and drawers

img 08/11/21

Libman 24″ Multi-Surface Heavy Duty Push Broom

I have many outdoor areas to sweep: patios, walkways, sidewalks, and bits of an alley and a street gutter. I …

img 07/30/21

Kaboost Booster Seat for Dining

Stays attached even when chair is moved

img 07/12/21

Basin Buddy

Universal wrench for replacing faucets

img 07/8/21

Foldable Step Stool

Strong folding step stool

img 07/2/21

Aluminum Flashing Tape

Tape for permanent roof repair

img 06/17/21


Secure wall plugs in problem surfaces

img 06/7/21

Mirror Image Wall Clock

Clocks for mirror users

img 05/27/21

Vornado Fan with Variable Speed Control

True variable speed settings allow for precise airflow control

img 05/11/21

Smart Move Tape

Clearest box labeling