General Purpose Tools

img 07/14/21

26 Bit Driver Kit for Electronics

Most commonly used bits for phones, laptops and other electronics

img 07/7/21

Spyderco Bug Knife

Itty bitty knife

img 06/14/21

Lineman’s Compound Action Pliers

Compound leverage design increases cutting pressure by 50 percent

img 06/11/21

Invitation to Show and Tell

Submit your short video reviews

img 06/9/21

Robo Grip Pliers

Self adjusts around object. Spring loaded for one hand operation.

img 06/8/21

6-Pack PopSocket Sticky Adhesive Replacement Kit

Sticky adhesive replacement kit for PopSockets

img 04/27/21

Brick Tongs

Carry multiple bricks with ease

img 04/19/21

Worx Semi-Automatic Power Driver

Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver with Screw Holder