img 06/21/21

Sanding Belt Cleaner

Increase the life of your sanding belts and discs

img 02/20/20

Barber Hair Cutting Cape

A smock to keep wood chips away from your skin

img 09/16/19

Panavise Cast Weighted Base

An alternative to bolting down a vise

img 10/19/18

Gorilla Gripper

Big panel moving

img 08/28/18

FuBar Demolition Tool

Hammer and pry bar for wrecking

img 05/31/18

Nail Puller

Superior nail puller

img 03/1/18

Wilton Tradesman Vise

Heavy-duty vise will last decades

img 02/22/18

Speed Square

Combo tri-square, miter square, protractor, line scriber, and saw guide

img 02/21/18

Post Level

Levels posts and beams

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