img 07/29/19

Camping Toaster

Toast up to 4 slices of bread at a time over a camp stove or small open flame

img 02/12/19

Pocket Chain Saw

Hand-powered chain saw

img 10/27/18

Alpine Fry-Bake Set

Versatile camping cookware

img 10/25/18

Monarch Butterfly Chair

Featherweight packable seat

img 07/5/18

GustBuster Umbrella

Unflippable umbrella

img 06/20/18

Sierra Stove

Lite-weight stove burns fuel found along trail

img 04/24/18

Platypus SoftBottle

80% less weight and bulk than a hard bottle.

img 04/23/18

Helinox Chair One Camp Chair

2-lb chair supports can support up to 320 lbs

img 04/2/18

Mosquito Netting

Cheap worry-free sleeping

img 03/27/18

CrunchIt Butane Canister Recycling Tool

Punctures butane fuel canisters for recycling ($6)