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Shop Cool Tools Scam

Beware: There is a scam site that has stolen the name Cool Tools and is scamming customers on Facebook.


Unanswered Questions from Ask Cool Tools

Can you help answer these recent questions from Ask Cool Tools? Comments will be turned off on this entry, so …


Cool Tools Wanted

I’m looking to fill some holes in our coverage. Here are a few questions I hope readers can answer. Comments …


Visual Reference Library

I go to books when I need to stimulate my imagination. Books never fail. I am a visual thinker, even …


Cool Tools Wanted

While working on the Best of Cool Tools book, I’ve collected a bunch of queries that need good tool candidates. …


Northern Tool

Heavy-duty stuff



We have not tried this set up, so can not vouch whether it is a cool tool. It is a …


Factual eBook Review

Download the Universe The Science EBook Review This is pretty good. A site that reviews original science-based long-form factuals on …


Wiha Quality Tools

Manufacturers sometimes deliberately make it difficult to open their products. A common method is to use odd-shaped specialty screws. Without …


Super sensitive digital scale

A reader in Ask Cool Tools was looking for a cheap digital scale that could weigh items to a precision …


Cloning Your Own Mineral Water

You can start with a carbonation water machine, like a SodaStream, Soda-Club, or the previously reviewed home system, and then …



Thingiverse is a swap meet for exchanging digital files for 3D printing of tiny objects, like the stuff for doll …

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